WRC Preparation Support

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is responsible for carrying out workplace audits to ensure staff receive their entitlements and that employers are complying with employment legislation. In doing this they also process complaints of a HR nature from employees and former employees.

WRC Preparation Support

Generally, an audit is triggered either by an employee complaint to the WRC, or a spontaneous visit if your geographic location or industry niche is a current focus for the WRC. I have assisted many business owners to prepare for WRC audits at short notice and give them the confidence to discuss their HR practices with the WRC.  I can help your business prepare for a WRC audit by:

  • carrying out a Human Resources audit to determine where improvement is required
  • working with the employer to address deficiencies
  • preparing HR Documentation, such as contracts, policies and the employee handbook 
  • liaising with the WRC inspector, if required
  • assisting with action items after the WRC audit (if any)

I can also provide you with support if your business is audited as a result of an employee complaint. I can facilitate the process between you and the WRC and if required, can attend the face-to-face audit meetings. Importantly, I will ensure transparency and clear communication between all parties to achieve a timely and successful resolution.

Should you have any queries about a WRC Audit, or need help to prepare for one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential discussion.

what clients say

Antoanela Belviso
Il Colosseo, Italian Restaurant, Athlone
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We contacted Teresa when we were notified of a WRC inspection, she was very supportive, she took all the stress away from us. I would recommend Teresa with all my heart to anyone who needs help with their HR.